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May 26, 2019

The Fourth of July falls on Thursday in 2019. Accuweather is predicting a mostly cloudy, and not-unduly-warm July, with the fourth mostly cloudy and bracketed by possible thunderstorms. - a favorite of this writer - is predicting a partly cloudy day with mi...

April 19, 2017


There comes a point in every boat owners life when it becomes apparent that the old girl — your boat that is — ain’t got the get up and go she once had, and is, in fact, taking much too literally the adage about holes in the water and money. Freshwater cooled...

April 19, 2017

Well, it’s time to pull the wraps off the boats and get everything ship-shape for another boating season. For many, that also means it’s time to replace, upgrade, beautify and otherwise spend money on the holes in the water we call our boats.

There have been some change...