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January 31, 2020

There comes a time in every fiberglass boat’s life when waxing, polishing and compounding no longer do the job. The gel coat has faded to the point of no return or is chipped and crazed. In any case, it is decision time. Is the boat worth investing some time and effort...

November 8, 2019

It’s amazing how high boat and fuel prices foster ingenuity, especially where fuel economy is concerned. Take that title, above, for example. What the heck is strawlering anyway? An innovative solution to high prices? A cheaper way to go boating? Complete clap-trap?

July 29, 2019

Our sails are the engines of our boats and deserve to be treated with respect. Properly cared for, Dacron sails will last a long, long time. I’m still using the original sails on my Matilda 20, Ternabout.
The UV rays from sunlight are the enemy of Dacron. We can’t keep...