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September 24, 2020

Located some one hundred-twenty miles up the Hudson River, it would seem to have been an unlikely site for a whaling port. However, the whaling industry out of Nantucket Island had been decimated during the Revolutionary War. Prior to the conflict, an estimated 150 wha...

August 27, 2020

The rhythm of waves, breaking on the rocky sea wall welcomes visitors to the bluff at Watch Hill. Gazing out over the coastal Atlantic waters, Block Island and Montauk stand at a distance; four nautical miles to the west, the tip of Fishers Island come into view. To th...

July 23, 2020

Rising gracefully toward the ocean’s surface, the umbrella-shaped creature with short, near transparent tentacles, resembles a spaceship from another galaxy. Easily identified by the four small, whitish to pinkish, horseshoe-shaped structures near the center of its bel...

June 30, 2020

Sometime around 19,000 years ago, Long Island Sound was a freshwater lake! Had you, at the time, been able to walk its beaches, you might have seen icebergs floating on its surface and its waters clouded by fine glacial sediments. As the lake grew, it evolved into what...

June 3, 2020

Descending to a depth of about 70-feet on an offshore shipwreck, we spotted a male black seabass. A blue-green color outlined his eyes and a small hump (= nuchal hump) rose from just behind the top of his head. It was typical of a male black seabass getting ready to sp...

January 31, 2020

Should you venture out at night on a coastal beach, from Block Island to Florida, you might be greeted by a GHOST, a 2-inch wide critter with periscope-like eyes that can swivel 3600.The sideways-running creature, a ghost crab, sprints tippy-toe across the sand with it...

January 2, 2020

Rising to a maximum height of barely 29 feet above sea level, Machias Seal Island has long been the center of a border dispute between the U. S. and Canada. Lying some 12 miles from New Brunswick’s Great Manan Island and about 10 miles off Cutler, Maine, the tear-drop...

November 8, 2019

By any measure, it would have seemed to have been an unlikely place to build a fort. Most of the Pea Patch Island was an intertidal mud flat, with an average of a little more than three feet above sea level. Its highest point rose to nine feet. During spring high tides...

September 25, 2019

Gull Rocks Light Lighthouse Log (Rhode Island). “January 1, 1931: New Years Day. All dressed up and no place to go.” But Keeper James Gallen had hardly dressed in a special garb for the celebration. In 1883, the Lighthouse Service had published a 14-page pamphlet descr...

August 29, 2019

It can be a bit of a pain fishing for a couple of hours over a favorite spot, without a single hit! In the meantime, a hovering fish hawk (=osprey) plunges to the surface, and on its first try, it emerges with a nice size fish in its claws! Yikes, that sight could make...

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September 24, 2020

September 24, 2020

September 24, 2020

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