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July 1, 2016

With the arrival of the Fourth of July weekend, boaters in the region are excited about getting on the water and making up for the cold gray days of winter. For some, it’s time to break out igloo coolers and sunscreen while enjoying warm reunions with fellow boaters at...

July 1, 2016

Paul Esterle has been building or repairing watercraft, of all descriptions, for longer than he cares
to admit, from hovercraft to power and sailboats. Paul specializes in boat improvement and repair
projects utilizing wood, epoxy, and fiberglass.If you have any questi...

Here’s a good bar bet: Where is a boat more likely to sink – at the dock or on the open water? Hard to believe, but study after study shows that four times as many boats sink at the dock than under way! Why is that?

Well, candidly, Mark Twain had it right: there are lie...