• By Mark Paul


Finally the boat was launched and after a few more items I was able to test run her and make sure all was well before we took her back home. There was a decent amount of engine work that was done over the winter, and before I set off for the far horizons I wanted to make sure everything worked as it was intended. I left Bayshore for a test run, heading east in the Great South Bay and into my old stomping grounds. I had worked on the GSB for over 26 years and knew it pretty well. Looking south I was still able to pick out landmarks like Sailor’s Haven, The Pines and Davis Park. I have to admit I was a little nervous. I was alone and was paying strict attention to the buoys marking the north side of the bay. As I was getting close to Blue Point I saw the unmistakable profile of the boat I ran years ago, heading north to Patchogue. I bumped up my RPMs to make 25 kts and closed on them before reaching the buoys of the river. As I came up parallel to them I realized that they had no idea who I was, having been gone for about 15 years! I hit the horn and waved for them to slow down which they did. When we stopped moving I came out on deck and introduced myself to the man that came on deck. He instantly recognized my name and we talked about the patrol boat he was on. I asked for a former co-worker that I thought would be onboard to find out he was on vacation. I asked him to say hello to the crew that was still there that knew me and we went our separate ways. I turned and headed back to Bayshore. The boat was running very well with all systems were functioning normally, and I relaxed as the miles clicked by. I pulled into the slip and tied up the boat. I spoke with Steve about a few items that would need to be taken care of. The deck hatch that was removed was inadvertently cracked were the rubber seal went and would need to be repaired. The port engine was a little sluggish, lagging behind the starboard engine on acceleration. Steve made some notes and I headed home. The next afternoon Steve let me know the engine was fixed but the fiberglass work was not since the man that took care of that work was on vacation for a few days. So we agreed that I would come down in the

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