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Nautical Trivia

1. Did you know that the USS Maine was sunk in the harbor in Havana, Cuba in 1898? This enraged the United States and prompted the battle cry for war of “Remember the Maine”. 2. Did you know that the RMS Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg in the year 1912? The White Star Line steamship company owned it. 3. Did you know that the ocean liner that rescued the survivors of the Titanic was the Carpathia? 4. Did you know that the highest-ranking officer of the Titanic to survive was 2nd Officer Lightoller? 5. Did you know that the Britanic was a younger sister ship of the Titanic? During WWI this luxury liner was converted to a hospital ship. 6. Did you know that the Suez Canal opened in 1869 giving ships a short cut to the Orient from Europe? 7. Did you know that a German U-boat sank the SS Lusitania in 1915? The Cunard Line owned it. 8. Did you know that after being struck by a torpedo, the SS Lusitania took only 18 minutes to sink? 9. Did you know that in World War II American battleships were named for states? 10. Did you know that during WWII the French ocean liner the Normandic caught fire and sank at New York’s pier 88 while being converted to a troop transport ship? 11. Did you know that the U. S. Coast Guard established the SPARS, their woman’s branch of service, during WW II? 12. Did you know that the name of the first American nuclear submarine to be lost at sea was the USS Thresher? 13. Did you know that on May 24, 1968 the U. S. Navy lost its second nuclear submarine, the USS Scorpion? 14. Did you know that the Panama Canal opened in 1914? It shortened a 9,000-mile sea journey to only 50 miles. The two major bodies of water it connects are the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

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