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February is a great month to attend some seminars. Every other year a great fishing seminar comes to Long Island hosted by TV personality George Poveromo. This year it will be at LIU CW Post on February 3rd. I have attended this seminar twice and I plan on going again. The price of admission is $55. The goody bag (1yr subscription to Salt Water Sportsman, Roffer’s Ocean Fishing forecast, a bottle of OrPine wash and wax and more) you get with your admission is worth more than that. During the seminar, thousands of dollars’ worth of fishing gear is raffled off. Everything from Yeti coolers, rods, reels, Costa sunglasses and so much more. The seminar uses local captains who provide a ton of information and some tricks and tactics that you may be applying come next season. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon to help you get through the cold winter. I suggest you book early as these shows tend to get sold out. Log

onto www.nationalseminarseries.com for more information. If you are just starting to fish offshore or you are a seasoned veteran you can’t miss this year’s Canyon Runner seminar that will take place on February 24th. Canyon Runner continues its long established tradition as one of the most unique, in-depth, hands-on, detailed and informative fishing seminars in the world. Trust me when I tell you this, attending this seminar is going to make you a better offshore fisherman. These guys are no joke, the Canyon Runner team has combined for 11,000 canyon days fishing. If you aren’t impressed with that how about the fact that they have won millions in tournaments. This is the end all be all of offshore fishing seminars. This seminar covers 28 topics. Everything from rigging ballyhoo to canyon chunking to warm core eddies. If that’s not enough how about the $50,000 in door prizes. Also included in your $99 entry fee is free beer, coffee and breakfast. These guys also do a lot for our veterans. Over the past few years, they have fished with over 300 of our veterans. All of these men and women have fished for free. For more information log onto www.canyonrunner.com and click seminars. If you fish more inshore than I have the perfect seminar for you. On February 25th, AllPro Charters will host a day of fishing seminars. This series of seminars was created by Long Island fishermen, for the Long Island fisherman. With personal classroom sizes, you will be able to participate in 7 seminars from over 13 choices. From the beginner fisherman to the well-established experienced fisherman, there is something for everyone. You’ll gain insights and tips from leading author and fishing expert John Skinner, and from legends such as Capt. Al Lorenzetti (Skimmer Outdoors) and Capt. Joe Shute, the creator of the infamous Joe Shute Lure and the author of many “how-to” articles and videos. Meet Capt. Mark Garry (Kidcochiese), the character behind sensational videos as he provides insights into fishing the Long Island Sound. Capt. Paul Mandella, of Maybe Tonight Charters, who has been fishing the bays for more than 25 years, will provide insights that only an expert can. Do you like to go deep? Like a challenge and a rush of energy? Sit in on the sharking class conducted by Capt. John Nappo as he goes over the most effective rigs, equipment, bait, techniques, and areas to catch monster sharks. Then there is Elias Vaisberg, one of the leading kayak fishermen in the northeast. You may have a 33′ center console, that can go 60 mph, and we still urge you not to miss this kayak class. Elias not only goes over the essentials required to be an effective kayak fisherman, he provides you with the tips and knowledge he has learned over the years from fishing only inches from the water surface. The cost of the day is $125 which includes seminars, fishing expo, meet & greet, welcome breakfast, giveaways, special gift bag and 4 free raffle tickets. For more information log onto www.allprochartes.com and click on seminars. I would just like to end this column with a story on why you should support your local tackle shops. I realize how expensive fishing can be and we all look for rock bottom prices however there is something that a tackle shop can offer that a big box store or a merchant on the internet can’t. It’s local knowledge. I started to buy most of my offshore gear from a place in West Babylon called Trophy Tackle. The owner John Nappo is a very accomplished and educated offshore fisherman that is always willing to help you catch more fish. In fact, he will be a guest speaker at the AllPro seminar that I mentioned above. When a tackle shop owner or their employees get to know you they will be more than happy to share some of their knowledge. Case in point, I had heard a rumor that there was a good bluefin tuna bite taking place at the Coimbra Wreck. I quickly looked at the weather and got very excited. I remember it being a Tuesday so that meant I needed something more than a rumor if I was going to take a vacation day. So I picked up the phone and called John. It so happens that his father answered and I asked him if he knew anything about the Coimbra bite. These are the exact words that came out of John Sr.’s mouth: “Quit your job and get out there.” That was the information I needed before I even hung up the phone I had already notified my manager that I needed to take off the next day. The only person that I could talk into going with me was my wife Gina. So as we set out early Wednesday morning we were greeted with flat seas and temperatures that were quickly climbing towards the high 90’s. It was like a mirage, out of nowhere boats appeared on the horizon. As we joined the fleet it was clear that there was an insane bite going on. It didn’t take long for us to join in on the action. Back then I only trolled five lines. In fact, my boat didn’t even have outriggers. But that wasn’t going to stop me from trying to land a bluefin. The first fish we hooked up with would remind us of how much we needed to learn. I instructed my wife to tighten the drag. Well, she tightened the drag all right, she tightened it so tight that the fish popped the barrel swivel in half. As the day grew long we would finally get another shot. This time we were ready. Gina did a great job on the rod and before we knew it I was reaching for the gaff. As I sank my gaff into a 60lb bluefin and hoisted it over the gunnel, I thought about how awesome it was that my local tackle shop helped make this a day I will never forget. You won’t get that from Amazon.

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