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Bottoms Up! - Is it time to be creative with Bottom Paint!

Last fall I was crossing the Great South Bay when conditions gave me time to philosophize about the care I do or do not give my boat hulls. As I went to throttle up my 13 ft. Whaler which we use to ferry to and from Oak Island, I found that I could not get on plane even if I stood up and leaned way forward. I had to throttle back and cross the bay at about 3 knots. I felt like I was going in reverse! It took me an hour and twenty minutes to reach Southard’s Marina. I knew, while slugging along, that my boat hull was “draggin me down” so to speak. The fact is, I had ignored this boat as opposed to my cat boat and my 24’ Whaler Conquest which always receive preferential babying. When Mike at Southard’s pulled her out for winter dry docking, there was a foot of barnacles and other amazing growth forming a complete eco-system. It was a real job removing this mess. Unfortunately, things had caught up with me two summers ago with a brain operation and recovery so this hull was kind of ignored and I stretched the viability of the bottom paint way too long. When I checked my log it had been 3 seasons since I had pulled the boat so it had been in the water a mere 36 months without ever seeing dry land.

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