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9th Annual Stories We Missed in 2017-18

Once again, it’s time for a quick look at all the strange, odd, stupid, funny — but true — aquatic-related stories we missed over the past 12 months. Enjoy. Nothing Says Fresh Like Googly Eyes A store in Kuwait was reportedly shut down after it was discovered that its owners were sticking adhesive ‘googly eyes’ on fish for sale in an attempt to make them appear fresher. The newspaper reporting the story posted images on its Twitter feed. —Al Bayan News Speaking of NOT Very Fresh! San Francisco police discovered human remains in a fish tank inside a home belonging to a man who had been reported missing. The body was missing a head and had decomposed so much police could not immediately determine its sex, let alone an identity, according to multiple reports. — www.BuzzFeedNews.com Well, That’s Not Very Peconic Bay-ish The French and British are at it again, this time over scallops. About 40 French boats tried to stop five larger British boats from fishing 12 nautical miles off the Normandy (France) coast, in the Bay of Seine. Fishing boats collided and stones were thrown, but no-one was injured. The scallop season runs from October 1 to May 15, and French scallopers have accused the Brit scallopers of jumping the season. — www.bbc.co.uk The Shark Bite Was Only the Start of His Problems A Texas man who survived a shark attack off Crystal Beach in the Gulf of Mexico in early August 2018 — ostensibly from a seven-foot bull shark; bulls inhabit both fresh and saltwater — has another problem: the wound became infected with a flesh-eating bacteria. — Live Science Hell Hath No Fury … or Something Like That A woman who spent 10 hours in the water after exiting from the seventh deck of the 965-foot Norwegian Star cruise ship 60 miles off the Croatian coast, received some “unsolicited” support from the soon-to-be-former-wife of the man with whom she was traveling. “If I was on a ship with him I would get off any way I could,” said the soon-to-be former wife. “[He is] not a very nice person when he’s been drinking, so him going on a cruise is a recipe for disaster. I can imagine what she went through.” The woman was found by Croatia Coast Guard and no charges were filed. On anyone. — metro.com.uk Hey! Wait a Minute! A Jacksonville (FL) man was caught with three undersized red drum and one undersized sheepshead after fishing the Trout River, He was discovered by a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer. When the officer ran the man’s name, a sexual battery warrant popped, and the man, who has arrests dating back to the 1990s and who DNA identified as an at-large rapist, was arrested by the officer. Another reason — for some people — to obey creel/size/seasonal limits! — WJXT News4Jax Yeah, Well, it WAS in Florida After All A Florida man says his Facebook event inviting people to shoot at Hurricane Irma was a joke that got out of hand, adding that he never expected anyone to take his suggestion seriously. According to the Facebook page, more than 30,000 people said they were going to the “event” and more than 55,000 were “interested,” after the Daytona Beach man posted, “Yo so this goofy looking windy headass [?] named Irma said they pulling up on us, lets show Irma that we shoot first.” The posting became so popular that the Pasco County Sherriff’s Office felt compelled to post its own Tweet, “DO NOT shoot weapons @ #Irma. You won’t make it turn around (and) it will have very dangerous side effects.” According to the Associated Press, the original poster commented that, since the brouhaha about the post ensued, “I’ve learned that about 50 percent of the world could not understand sarcasm to save their lives. Carry on.”— Facebook. Prozac Perhaps? Scientists at Troy University (AL) are studying the way fish react to a variety of anti-depressants. Yes. Fish can get depressed. According to neurochemist Julian Pittman, you can roughly gauge the depression of a fish by the amount of time it spends at the bottom of its tank. If a fish is depressed, it sits at the bottom. If it’s stimulated and curious, it will swim around the top. Pittman finds that a depressed fish can be treated with anti-depressant drugs, just like people. — www.Ripleys.com It’s Just a Regular Occurrence Like the tides that come and go, feet washing up on various British Columbia, Canada (and occasionally Washington State) beaches is as regular as, well, the tide. Since 2007, 14 feet, mostly clad in sneakers, have been found, the most recent in May 2018. Authorities have identified eight of the feet (two of which were pairs). The remaining single feet are all male. One of the feet, found in November 2011, belonged to a fisherman who went missing in 1987. Feet in shoes have also been found in Washington in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014. There is a Wikipedia page devoted to the topic at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salish_Sea_human_foot_discoveries. — Multiple sources Nothing Good is EVER Preceded by “Hey, Watch This …” Back just about when you read the last 8th Annual Weird Stories, an angler in the UK came close to dying … by a Dover sole (a flatfish like our winter flounder). The un-named 28-year old — for some reason — held the six-inch-long fish up near his mouth, whereupon the sole jumped down the man’s throat. Friends were unable to dislodge it, started CPR and called paramedics, who took six tries to get the fish out of the man’s throat. By the time the fish was removed the man had stopped breathing; medics estimated for at least three minutes. He was finally revived in the ambulance and made a full recovery. — www.telegraph.co.uk

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