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What Floats Your Boat?

With fall approaching I got to review the many boat invoices over the season. This was not a cheap year with water pumps replaced, a major exhaust cleaning needed and four new 24V batteries amongst other items needed to be kept up. While looking at all these expenses I got to think about what gets all of us on the water. We put a lot of time and plenty of money each season to be on our floating piece of heaven whether it is a 20-foot center console or a 50-foot luxury cruiser. For the amount of money to commission, insure, dock, fuel up and repair your vessel, you can have a long vacation to Europe, a cross country road trip or even do something responsible like fund your IRA. Why we boat is a little different for each of us. Mine is the urge to just be out there. In talking to our readers, we had many good comments on what floats your boat. The drum roll please….. • My boat beats a summer beach house because it moves. • Our boat gives us quality family time on board. • Rafting parties! (very popular answer) • Being out with my wife for half a day is an escape from the drama of our teenage daughters. • I get to play with cool captain’s toys like radar, chart plotters, sounders, radio and blender! • I felt like a real adventurer planning my destiny on my first, ten-day cruise to different bays and towns on the east end. • Having a boat will get you more hooked up than owning a Lamborghini! • Boating camaraderie is like being in a special club. • Romantic quiet nights on the anchor to disconnect and get intimate again. • Being a day or overnight onboard is like a stay-cation. • Newlyweds said they learned to connect well in close quarters on his, (now their) boat without the distractions of everyday life. • No texting for the kids or emailing for husband allowed on board. • Pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and be a better boater the first few seasons was satisfying. • I love giving the kids responsibility and teaching them safe seamanship. • When I wake up in the morning in a quiet bay and step outside to look at the early sun, for some reason, my coffee always tastes better to me. • Being on the water relaxes me. Even if it is too windy to go out, just sitting at the dock on my boat is soothing to my soul. • Being a boater forced me to be handy after seeing the hourly rates at my marina. Who knew I would be able to fix a seal on a head. • Responsible partying means, anchoring in the bay, party silly, swim, nap, snack, start over. No driving and drinking here as we sleep onboard. • I love watching my eight and six-year-old jumping off the bow over and over and over again. (it also helps them sleep really well onboard) • Boating to pretty islands like Block, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. • Boating is fun! • Pools always open • 360 degree waterview • Firework shows with no traffic jam • Beautiful sunsets

Keep these thoughts in your mind while your vessel gets some sleep for the next several months.

Tab Hauser is a USCG licensed captain who runs GlenCoveCruises.Com charter out of Glen Cove.

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