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Where did it go? Once again it has gone by very quickly, a blur. I feel like I have been chasing loose ends on the boat the entire time, missing out on some beautiful weather and great times. Most of it is my fault of course. I had many things going on aboard the boat and had many details to work out and bugs to fix. Hey, I am still chasing some of them. And I am not one to wait while in the middle of one project. If I am waiting for parts on one project, why not start another? When the engines went back in the boat last spring, and the deck went back on, I decided to eliminate the sink located behind the helm seat above the refrigerator. That is because the water supply lines and the drain line limited access in the engine room. I would always hit my head on them when working down there. In fact, I have bumped my head or hit my knees so often down there that I now address the engine room before I enter it. If you have ever seen the movie Doctor Strange, I have borrowed a line from the good Doctor. When I need to enter the engine room (more like climb into) I utter the phrase: “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain with you”..... To be honest, we have never used that sink. We have owned the boat since August of 2003 and only use it as another storage area. So I had an idea. After removing the supply and drain lines why not cut the sink out completely and seal it off with the top already on it? Then put in a pull out drawer unit under the top, utilizing the space the sink occupied. So the other day my wife and I went out there and did just that. After drilling 4 holes at each corner of the sink, I used a jig saw and cut it out. She had the vacuum right in front of the saw to keep fiberglass dust in check and in no time we had the sink removed wit barely any dust around. At this point, I am waiting for the drawer unit to be built. It is being made by a place in Florida and should be here within a week. Then we have to cut another hole! So as we wait for the sink, what to do? I know, let’s change the fuel filters! Great idea my wife/ helper says. While you’re doing that I can visit with my friend out in Mattituck. I have noticed that when we have rain, my windshield frame leaks. Some of the rubber seals have shrunk and that leaves gaps in spots on the window frame. Somehow the rain water finds its way down into the engine room and eventually I have to go in and clean it up. So as I was finishing up the fuel filter change my wife came back to the boat and asked if she could help. Not being one to let an offer of help go by, I put her to work taping around the base of the window so I could use some 3M 4200 to seal that up. Once I was done with the filters I went on deck and started sealing up the gap at the base of the window frame. When I was done sealing the base I wanted to let the 4200 dry some and I took black silicone and started filling in the gaps in the rubber seals around the windows. Then after that, it was time to pull the tape off. Nothing like a load of tape covered with silicone. The window frame came out pretty nice, and I still have remnants of 4200 on my hands. The next rain will tell if I have solved the leaking problem. In the meantime we have been getting out as much as we can. With both of us now retired, that means we can do whatever we want whenever we want. We have been doing some day trips, going to Greenport for lunch to celebrate a birthday for instance. Anchoring over by Robins Island for a few hours of swimming and just trying to enjoy being out doing what we love. After leaving Greenport one day we decided to head back to Mattituck the long way. We went east from Mitchell Marina and went counter clockwise around Shelter Island. It was a beautiful afternoon with a slight breeze. As we neared the southern end of Shelter Island, adjacent to Mashomack Point, an immature bald eagle flew over the boat and followed the same course we took for a few minutes. It was a beautiful sight to see made even more interesting because we were traveling around 24 knots. The eagle flew along with us effortlessly. A few days after that we went over to the Shinnecock Canal for lunch. As I was standing on the dock I looked up to see another bald eagle, this one clearly had the white head and tail feathers. He was just riding the wind currents as he headed over Peconic Bay, maybe looking for lunch while out there. There are certainly plenty of schools of fish swimming around in the bay. With summer becoming fall it is my favorite time of the year. Cooler weather has arrived (ever since getting a pacemaker I can’t stand hot weather) and during the week we have the waters pretty much to ourselves. Being retired, we usually save the weekends for work around the house and go out boating during the week. The summer rush is over, and the pace of life has slowed down. So if you manage to get away during the week and come out on the Peconic, look for a little white Pursuit with two happy people lounging around or swimming and say hello. See you out there.

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